Palm removal & tree trimming throughout Bundaberg


With a reliable and hard-working team of 4 qualified tree experts on call, Bundy Mulch & Chip can respond quickly to your tree lopping, trimming or stump grinding needs. Our arborists are equipped with 40 years of combined experiene and 23 years of operating locally as well as a fleet of powerful machinery, including wood chippers, skid steers, tip trucks and a 15-metre cherry picker.

Whatever your tree or stump maintenance needs are, our team can accommodate your needs in a flash. By having an experienced team, paired with state-of-the-art equipment, we complete your project quickly and safely. When it comes to a troublesome tree or stubborn stump, our arborists ensure your hazard is removed in no time at all—giving you peace of mind.

BMC services residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Bundaberg and its surrounds, so call us today for your no-obligation quote. We accept cash, direct debit or bank transfer payments for all services, mulch and firewood.


Tree Removal


Whether it's a palm dropping too many fronds and seeds, or a diseased fig tree, Bundy Mulch & Chip has a fast and effective solution. We can safely fell, cut up and remove any size tree on your property for a very affordable rate.

After 23 years in this industry, we know how important it is to assess the tree and the surrounding property before we begin work. Our team will determine any issues with the tree itself or safety hazards in the area to ensure lopping this tree won't damage your building or garden in the process.

Once it's felled, we'll take away the tree and all other green waste in our high-capacity tip trucks. You'll be left with an open and safer property. If you choose, we can also supply you with the mulch or wood chip created.

Whether the tree is in a tight or tricky location, our qualified arborists tackle it all. Backed by a fleet of well-maintained machinery, we safely and effectively remove all types of tress—irrespective of where they stand. Not only that, our team always ensure your properly is clean, safe and tidy before we leave.

Not sure if your tree needs removing? Here are the common signs of a hazardous tree:
  • Changes to the tree bank
  • Pest infestation
  • Changes to soil surrounding tree
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Discolouration in the leaves
  • Reduction of foliage
  • Tree is leaning to the side
Tree Removal - Palm removal Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD

Stump Grinding

Of course, once we've taken down your unwanted trees, we don't leave you with a stump. BMC uses some of the most powerful stump grinders available to turn the toughest stumps into mulch in as little as a few minutes.

No matter the size or location of the stump, our skilled team work quickly and effectively to remove it. Once grinding the stump down into a fine mulch, you have the choice of having the mulch spread over your garden, or simply taken away.

Worried about the environment? Not to worry—our arborists remove all stumps in an environmentally friendly manner. With 23 years’ industry experience, rest assured your yard will be hazard-free and aesthetically pleasing once again.
Stump Grinding - Palm removal Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD

Trimming & Shaping

Sick of that giant tree in your backyard growing out of control? Bundy Mulch & Chip has the equipment and skills to remove branches and otherwise shape them to your liking. Thanks to our 15-metre cherry picker, we can trim even the tallest trees on your property.

Tree trimming is also a healthy practice. By removing dead, diseased or damaged branches, it helps to extend your trees lifespan. Trimming and shaping is also an effective way of stimulating healthy branch growth. Whether it’s to make your backyard a beautifully manicured work of art, or to remove damaged branches, tree trimming is an important part of tree maintenance.
Trimming Shaping - Palm removal Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD

Assessments & Reports

As fully qualified, Diploma Level 5, arborists, Jamieson and Terry can provide all customers with complete tree health assessments as well as arborist reports.

These reports are often required when purchasing or selling a property, or when making a development request with the local government. During this assessment, our team inspects the tree's health, size, and where branches and roots may be impacting on important areas. The report will include all the issues and risks associated with that tree as well as our recommendations on how to correct them.

Whether the tree is healthy, or requires a pruning or full removal, our qualified arborists assist you from concept to completion. Talk to us today if you require a:
  • Disease or disorder assessment
  • Tree maintenance advice
  • Management plan
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Comprehensive tree inspection

Land Clearing & Storm Clean-Up

Planning on doing some garden renovation or landscaping work? Call in our team to provide a quick and effective clean-up service. We'll clear out any green waste, including fallen trees, branches or debris in no time.

We can even take on minor landscaping work—such as levelling out your yard or moving rocks—using our reliable Bobcats. Fallen trees and debris is a nuisance, but thanks to our skilled team, we provide a pain-free and quick clean-up service. Clients also employ us for when they need a block of land cleared for their new home.

If there has been a storm and you need emergency assistance to clean up, please give our reliable team a call, and we'll see what we can do to help.

Land Clearing - Palm removal Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD

Mulch & Firewood

At Bundy Mulch & Chip, we believe in reusing as much felled timber as possible. Most green waste, such as smaller branches, bushes and other plants, gets fed into our powerful BC 1000XL woodchipper and becomes highly nutritious garden mulch.

If the client requests it, we can leave the mulch at that property for them to use in their new gardens, or we can load up our tip trucks and sell the mulch to other residents. This way you can buy high-quality organic mulch at a fraction of the cost of what you get from a local landscape supply yard.

Any bigger trees are chainsawed into a more manageable size and, if the timber is good quality, we'll split, dry and treat it. As a result, we always have plenty of seasoned, split firewood available.

All mulch or firewood can be picked up from us or delivered direct to your home or business. Phone or email us for details.
Mulch - Palm removal Bundaberg in Bundaberg, QLD